Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Epic Dungeon

Yesterday, I posted an article on NonsenseGamer.com (a website I volunteer for) praising the Xbox Live Indie game called Epic Dungeon by Eyehook Games. This game took me by surprise with its addicting gameplay and creative design. In my article, I mention how Epic Dungeon has all the classic RPG elements but simplifies battle to just moving towards your enemy. This game makes grinding fun, which to me is an enormous feat. There are four different classes to choose from, each with their own special ability. There are weapons, armor, skills, potions, scrolls, and secret rooms full of gold. And if that's not enough, each level of the dungeon has a randomly generated layout so it never feels repetitive! But, there is one thing that really makes this game stand out: permanent death.

 There are 50 levels of the dungeon, and you have to make your way in one playthrough. If you die, you start over. The only factor connecting you to your last player is a gravestone at the level you died on with your name on it and one item that was in your inventory that you can take. Completing all 50 levels with one life probably took me between 3 and 4 hours, not that long, but just imagine being 3 hours in and dying on the 45th level... It can be devestating

And yet, I keep playing. I feel compelled to start right back up again with a new character. Maybe I choose a different class this time. Maybe I change my strategy by utilizing different skills. Every time you make it past the level you died at before gives a great feeling of success and progress. Permanent death also brings a nostalgic feeling. Remember when arcades didn't have continues? While this aspect of the game can be frustrating for some, it really adds a whole new dynamic to the game, and makes you play differently. Combine that with the fast paced battles, plenty of loot, and random levels makes this game my favorite Xbox Live Indie game thus far!


  1. It has been awhile since I have picked up a title on the indie market but this seems up my alley. Though single death games are not usually up my alley I think i will download the trial and give it a try. I love loot games since nothing is better after a battle then some rare items. How much is the game anyways?

    On some other notes about the indie market it is an amazing place to some good games. You run into a lot of bad games but if you dig deep enough you find some titles that are better than most XBLA titles.

  2. @Gaming in PublicIt will cost you a whopping 80MS points! Let me know if you like it!

  3. We don't get the Indie channel on Xbox Live over here in Australia so all I can do is read about games on the service and pine for the ones that sound intriguing, interesting and unique.

    Reading about Epic Dungeon reminds me of the comments that surrounded Demon's Souls when that came out, and that continue to surround the game now. Both seem to highlight progress as something that goes beyond moving from level to level, mission to mission, making it more important in the process and instilling an even stronger sense of reward than most other current games do now. Shame I miss out, then.

  4. @Steven O'Dell Sorry you have to miss out. That sucks!

    I just got back into Demon's Souls recently. I WILL beat that game... eventually. I love that game and I'm very excited about Dark Souls!

  5. @Steven O'Dell- That completely blows that you can't get the indie channel.

    @Alli893-Just went through the demo and bought the game after five minutes of gameplay. If anything it is worth more than the dollar you put into it.