Thursday, March 10, 2011

Holy Crap! PAX East is Tomorrow!

So I've been preparing for what will be my first PAX ever. I have been to other anime/comic/games conventions but never one as big as PAX. I heard about its arrival to the east cost a little too late last year so I made a point to buy my badge as soon as they went on sale this year! Missing the first PAX East might not be that bad; considering they have moved the convention into a bigger building.

I can't describe how excited I am to go to PAX East! I've only heard good things about both PAX conventions and now I finally get to experience it for myself! I'll be writing my thoughts about it here when I get back; as soon as I catch up on sleep of course! I'm really looking forward to seeing Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub's panels, as I am a huge fan of their webcomics! I'm also planning on going to all of Rym and Scott's panels from GeekNights. I first saw them at ConnectiCon and they taught me the ways of Indie RPGs. I also hope to see Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the 3Ds, RAGE, and some pretty sweet concerts! This weekend is going to ROCK!

Did I make you jealous?

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